Piers Morgan brands Liverpool as ‘astonishingly stupid’ for furloughing staff

Piers Morgan has branded Liverpool as “astonishingly stupid” for their decision to furlough non-playing staff.

The Reds confirmed their intent to take advantage of the government scheme to pay 80 per cent of staff wages and limit the impact of the coronavirus crisis on British businesses.

But despite committing to making up the remaining 20 per cent themselves, the club has been widely criticised for leaning on taxpayers after making a £42m profit last year.

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And the Good Morning Britain host took time on this morning’s show to call the club out.

“Liverpool Football Club built up such a good reputation in recent years under Jurgen Klopp, winning the Champions League [with] this dynamic, wonderful team,” Morgan said.

“Everyone was proud, everyone loved what Liverpool were standing for.

“[That’s] all gone because their billionaire owners in America decided this was a good time, in a year where they made £45m profit, that they were going to furlough their staff at Liverpool.

“They were going to get the British taxpayer to pay 80 per cent of the salaries of Liverpool staff. This is when they’re paying players millions a year, £5-10m a year some of those players.

“This is when they’re making tens and hundreds of millions of pounds in gate receipts, in fees for winning the Champions League and so on.

“What an astonishingly stupid decision by Liverpool Football Club.”

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