Premier League penalty stats: How many penalties have Liverpool, Man Utd and others got?

Plenty of penalties have been awarded in the Premier League this season. This is mainly due to the influence of VAR and the new handball law.

Ahead of the 2020/21 season, the Premier League released a statement explaining how VAR would work in relation to spot-kicks.

It read: “All penalties awarded in the Premier League will automatically be checked by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), who will also check for possible penalties not given by the on-field referee.

“For penalties awarded the VAR will check for any infringements by the attacking team in the attacking possession phase that led to the penalty as well as the incident for which the penalty was awarded.

“For factual decisions such as offside or the ball being out of play in the build-up, the VAR will inform the referee, who will overturn any penalty awarded.

“For subjective penalty decisions, such as for a foul or for a handball, the VAR will look to identify a “clear and obvious error”.

“The referee will explain his decision to the VAR and what he has seen.

“If the evidence provided to the VAR by the broadcast footage does not accord with what the referee believes he has seen, then the VAR can recommend an overturn.

“The final decision will remain with the on-field referee.

“If a penalty decision is overturned with no infringement by the attacking team, play will restart with an uncontested drop ball for the defending team.”

The new rules around handball have been introduced by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

If a player deliberately handles the ball they will be penalised, but a foul will also be given if they create a chance or score a goal from an accidental handball.

An incident where a player’s arms have been raised above shoulder-height is also likely to be penalised, or if they are deemed have made their body ‘unnaturally’ bigger.

However, a ball hitting a player’s hand or arm from close-range is not likely to be given if their arm is kept close to the body or used for support while falling.

Here, Express Sport has rounded up the number of penalties awarded to each club this season in the Premier League.

Premier League penalty stats

Leicester – 8 Penalties (Scored 7, Missed 1)

Liverpool – 4 Penalties (Scored 4, Missed 0)

Chelsea – 4 Penalties (Scored 3, Missed 1)

Fulham – 3 Penalties (Scored 1, Missed 2)

Manchester United – 3 Penalties (Scored 2, Missed 1)

Sheffield United – 3 Penalties (Scored 2, Missed 1)

Newcastle – 3 Penalties (Scored 3, Missed 0)

Crystal Palace – 2 Penalties (Scored 2, Missed 0)

Brighton – 2 Penalties (Scored 2, Missed 0)

Tottenham Hotspur – 2 Penalties (Scored 2, Missed 0)

Manchester City – 2 Penalties (Scored 1, Missed 1)

Aston Villa – 1 Penalty (Scored 1, Missed 0)

Leeds United – 1 Penalty (Scored 1, Missed 0)

Arsenal – 1 Penalty (Scored 1, Missed 0)

Everton – 1 Penalty (Scored 1, Missed 0)

Southampton – 1 Penalty (Scored 1, Missed 0)

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