Roy Keane says he never tried to injure anyone – including Alf-Inge Haaland

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Roy Keane has told Micah Richards that he has no regrets from his footballing career – adding that he never went out to intentionally hurt an opponent.

The former Manchester United skipper and Republic of Ireland hardman left his Manchester City counterpart Alf-Inge Haaland in a heap following a rough challenge back in 2001.

That incident came after he faced his own injury in 1997, and took offence over the reaction of his Norwegian rival, which was later mentioned in his autobiography.

During the second episode of Micah & Roy's Road to Wembley, the topic of conversation turned to their playing days, with the Manchester City hero asking his colleague the big question.

After being asked if he had any regrets from his career, Keane said: "Can I tell you something? I have never regretted anything I have done on a football pitch; never."

Before admitting: "Listen, I have been sent off and I've let my team down."

Richards jumped in to mention the infamous tackle on Haaland, but that was brushed away.

"To me, I was in battle with people, I was in the middle of the park," Keane said.

Richards then suggested the intention was never to injure Haaland, to which Keane agreed.

"No, no, of course. Did I go to hurt players? Of course I did," he responded.

"I'd never apologise for that. And people went to hurt me. Honestly, I'm not going to give it the old 'poor me' one… [But] I never, never ever, went out to injure a player in my life.

"Did I go to hurt players? Course. When you go for a ball in the middle of the park there's a good chance that somebody is going to get hurt."

Turning the conversation into a more jovial direction, Keane added: "This is like my shrink.

"Getting all these things off my chest."

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