Sergio Aguero wife: Who is Giannina Maradona? Meet the mother of Aguero’s son

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has confirmed Sergio Aguero is back training with his Man City teammates. Aguero has missed four months after a serious knee injury which needed surgery in June. However, Guardiola suggested Man City’s clash against Olympiacos would not see Aguero play.

Aguero was back on the pitch for the Premier League clash against Arsenal in October but was substituted at half-time with another injury concern.

Who is Giannina Maradona? Meet the mother of Aguero’s son

Aguero met his most serious partner three years before he joined City, while he was hitting the net for Spanish club Atletico Madrid in 2008.

Giannina Maradona, the daughter of Argentina legend Diego Maradona, first encountered Aguero in 2008.

Now news has come of the footballing legend’s death at the age of 60.

A fiery figure with a high profile in Argentina, Giannina Maradona has more than 654.3K followers on Instagram.

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She is the doting mother of Aguero’s son, Ben, having given birth in 2009.

The couple parted ways in 2012 and have experienced a turbulent relationship since then.

Maradona was furious after Aguero was pictured taking a break with Argentinian singer Karina Tejeda, telling him on social media: “It makes me very sad that having so many people around you, not one of them can tell you that your son comes first.”

Aguero, who was labelled a “wimp” by Maradona’s iconic father in the aftermath of the pair’s split, told Argentine newspaper Ole of the heartache he felt at being separated from his son.

Maradona took Ben with her when she returned home to Buenos Aires, causing Aguero to admit: “In these last few months I’ve been trying to adapt myself to a new stage of my life following my separation.

“It’s not easy after so many intense years living together and so many experiences with Gianni.

“I try to be as professional as possible. I believe it doesn’t affect my sporting performance, but to be so far away from your child is not easy. It’s impossible not to miss Ben.”

Writing to her fans on her 30th birthday yesterday, Maradona issued an emotional message but did not name Aguero.

She said: “I reached this age with a billion moments and anecdotes that make me who I am today.

“I would not change anything I have lived through. I have the best family in the world – dysfunctional, unorthodox, different but unique.

“I am crazy at times, stubborn, good-natured and love my family unconditionally.”

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