Souness claims ‘someone could have been killed’ as he blasts Man Utd fan protest

Graeme Souness has strongly condemned the Manchester United protests, claiming 'someone could have been killed'.

The Liverpool legend was at Old Trafford as part of Sky Sports’ coverage for the game and were inside the stadium when fans gained access.

Thousands of disgruntled supporters were protesting outside the ground, before a group made their way onto the pitch.

Fans were making their voices heard following a hugely controversial and tumultuous month that saw the club join, and subsequently leave, the European Super League.

After kick-off was initially delayed, the Premier League, Manchester United and Liverpool came to the decision to postpone the match.

And whilst Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville’s recollection of the events suggested it was a peaceful event, Souness saw it from a different angle.

A video has emerged on social media, showing a flare being shot in the direction of the television gantry, hitting the window before the pundits.

Souness also claimed a full can of beer was thrown towards the studio, suggesting someone could have been seriously hurt.

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"Somebody threw a can of beer up here. If that hits you in the wrong place your dead,” he told Sky Sports.

"A flare got thrown up here. If it hits one of us we are laying in a hospital bed permanently scarred with half a face."

Carragher then spoke passionately about football fans’ right to protest and put his Liverpool allegiances to one side to do so.

“We can only speak about what we’ve seen in here,” Carragher started. “Do you want to see supporters storming stadiums left, right and centre and getting games called off? No, we don’t.

"When I was a supporter as a young kid, this particular thing didn’t go on like that, but I’m not someone that will sit here and criticise Manchester United fans because I’m Liverpool.

"Two weeks ago, supporters all over through the Super League and came together for the first time. I’ve been looking on my phone and you see the reaction of Liverpool supporters now and you go back a few weeks with Liverpool supporters involved with the bus incident that got plenty of criticism.

"There will always be idiots who get involved in this, this thing that Manchester United fans have done today, I actually think it’s a good thing in terms of protesting and not being happy about what’s going on at the club.

"There will always be one or two people who take it too far and that’s not just a protest, that’s a night out with your mates – there’s always someone who does something stupid.”

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