Walker pinpoints what Guardiola ‘hates’ that no other manager gets angry about

Kyle Walker has revealed one thing that Pep Guardiola absolutely detests – something that a lot of other managers would actually encourage.

One of his peculiar coaching methods has been almost criminalising players on the half-turn in his team. It is something that a lot of coaches like, as it gives players some space to look up and turn and face the opponent's goal.

But not Guardiola, with Walker giving details after being asked by Alex Scott for BBC Sport how his game has developed at Manchester City, saying: "Experience. Knowledge of the game. And wanting to understand the game.

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"Some things the gaffer says here, you think 'why is everyone not saying that?' And it is something so simple where it could be third man set the ball.

"We always were told to be on the half-turn, he hates it. He hates it.

"Okay you see Kevin de Bruyne where he lets the ball slide across him but he thinks you should set it and then play a third man because it is quicker."

The England international is in his fifth year at City and has won four Premier League titles, four League Cups and the FA Cup. And much of that is down to the fine coaching of Guardiola.

The Catalan coach has been at City a year longer than Walker and has overseen a new era of domination in this country – one that the club's neighbours Manchester United used to monopolise.


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