Water breaks needed if Premier League returns says Brighton chief

Brighton chief Paul Barber calls for regular water breaks if Premier League football returns during the summer

  • Brighton chief Paul Barber has called for water breaks if Premier League returns
  • Clubs are growing confident that the league will return next month in June
  • Barber said the Premier League need to think about players’ ‘wellbeing’ 

Regular water breaks may be needed in Premier League games if football returns during summer, according to Brighton chief executive Paul Barber.

Clubs are growing increasingly confident of a return to action next month, but playing football in warmer conditions and on harder pitches could heighten the risk of injury and dehydration.

Barber said: ‘We’ll certainly be looking at all the physiological challenges and demands players are going to be under by playing in warmer months. I’d imagine drinks breaks will be a regular feature of matches, for instance.

Brighton chief Paul Barber says measures needed if football returns in warmer conditions

‘A lot of the players in the Premier League are full internationals and have played in tournaments in summer before.

‘But clearly other players won’t be used to that. That’s when we’ll need to use the experts around them and to think about their wellbeing.’

The Premier League is nearing a return during June as clubs and shareholders frantically plan to get action back after the coronavirus pandemic.  

Barber has called for regular water breaks to be implemented if games return during summer

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