'You can't compare the situations!': Redknapp SLAMS Neville over rant

‘You can’t compare the situations’: Harry Redknapp SLAMS Gary Neville over pundit’s comparison of striking UK rail staff, nurses and ambulance drivers with Qatar’s migrant workers… as former manager claims the ITV rant was ‘completely ridiculous’

  • Harry Redknapp blasted Gary Neville over his rant about the UK government  
  • He said conditions for nurses were like those faced by Qatar’s migrant workers
  • Neville also claimed that British ministers were ‘demonising’ public sector staff 
  • Redknapp argued the rant was ‘completely ridiculous’ from the former player 

Harry Redknapp has blasted Gary Neville after his rant comparing striking UK workers with migrant labourers in Qatar.

The football pundit launched the bizarre attack during ITV’s coverage of the World Cup final, saying that British ministers were ‘demonising’ public sector staff. 

Neville has come under fire from politicians, fans and now former managers as Redknapp got involved to claim Neville’s rant was ‘completely ridiculous’.

Harry Redknapp has blasted Gary Neville for his recent on-air rant during the World Cup final

Redknapp interviewed by Jeremy Kyle on TalkTV where he made the comments on Neville

Gary Neville ranted about workers conditions while working for ITV before the World Cup Final 

Neville first sparked debate after saying on-air: ‘We should detest low pay, we should detest poor accommodation and working conditions.

‘We can never accept that in this region or any other region – and it is just worth mentioning we’ve got a government in our country that are demonising rail workers, ambulance workers and terrifyingly nurses.

‘We can’t have people being paid an absolute pittance to work, we can’t have people in accommodation that is unsavoury and disgusting.

‘It shouldn’t happen here [in Qatar] … with the wealth that exists. But it shouldn’t happen with the nurses in our country either where our nurses are having to fight for an extra pound or two pounds.’

The former full-back has been vocal in his protests against Qatar throughout the World Cup

Speaking to Jeremy Kyle on TalkTV, Redknapp agreed that it was ‘hypocritical’ of Neville to make the comments after covering the World Cup in Qatar and insisted that it wasn’t fair to make his comparisons.

Redknapp said: ‘How can you compare what’s going on out there with what’s going on with train drivers and nurses.

‘We want to see nurses get more money, of course we do, they’re fantastic.

‘But you can’t compare the two situations. It’s completely ridiculous.’

Along with Redknapp, former politicians also got involved to bash Neville over his on-air comments. 

Redknapp claimed that Neville’s rant was ‘completely ridiculous’ when interviewed recently

Neville said the government had ‘demonised rail and ambulance workers and terrified nurses’

The Qatar World Cup came under scrutiny for the treatment of migrant workers in the build-up

Former Tory party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said ITV should have cut off Neville, who is a member of the Labour Party. He added: ‘People have been killed on building sites and things all over Qatar and paid a pittance, and he compares that to the UK? It’s unbelievable.

‘To compare a country that demonises gay rights, executes and brings in migrant workers by the truckload and pays them a pittance to a democratic country that has the concept of human rights, rule of law and all that goes with it – he’s abused his position.’

Lee Anderson, Conservative MP for Ashfield, said: ‘It’s a classic case of another champagne socialist who’s got more money than sense. ITV should sack him.’

On Twitter he added: ‘Another party political broadcast by a millionaire. Looks like ITV is on my banned list now. Talk about football Gary and keep your nose out of politics. You don’t know what you’re talking about.’

Neville said conditions for UK workers were like those faced by Qatar’s foreign labour force

Neville, who played for Manchester United and England, made his remarks in response to fellow pundit Roy Keane saying the World Cup had been stained by corruption. 

The Gulf state has been criticised over allegedly exploitative employment practices and for the number of deaths on construction projects. 

The former right-back worked for ITV as a pundit and analyst throughout the World Cup in Qatar.

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