Fans at World Cup are STOPPED from bringing in water, food or suncream

REVEALED: Fans at the Cricket World Cup are STOPPED from bringing water, food or suncream into stadiums despite soaring temperatures in India

  • The Cricket World Cup in India has been criticised for its poor organisation
  • Fans revealed they were stopped from taking basic amenities into stadiums
  • They explained despite attending the showpiece event, it hasn’t been enjoyable

The organisers of the Cricket World Cup have been slammed after fans were prevented from taking water, food, suncream and phone chargers into stadiums.

The tournament is taking place in India and is currently in its third week, with the hosts looking like the early favourites to win their first global trophy since 2013. 

However, the World Cup – which is being run by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) rather than the International Cricket Council (ICC) – has been dominated by accusations of poor organisation for months.

For example, the schedule was changed multiple times and not finalised until a month before the tournament began, while tickets were alo released late for matches. 

Meanwhile, during Australia’s clash with Sri Lanka on Monday, scaffolding and advertising fell off the stands in Lucknow amid high winds in a major safety risk.

The organisers of the Cricket World Cup have been slammed for their poor organisation 

Fans claim they weren’t allowed to take water, food, suncream and chargers into stadiums

And now, according to those who have attended, supporters who did manage to overcome the logistical challenges to get to matches have been denied basic amenities.

‘On the whole we’ve enjoyed the experience,’ Gary Millis, a spokesman for travel company ITC, who have brought supporters to India for the tournament, told The Times.

‘The locals are really friendly. But the biggest let-down has been the grounds and not being allowed to take things in with us, except phones and wallets. 

‘We can’t take in phone chargers, water, food or suntan lotion, and many of the seats are not in the shade, so things like water and suntan lotion are important.

‘They confiscate all sorts of items like sprays, sanitisers and gels. There’s a whole list of things you’re not allowed to take in. We were also told we could buy suntan lotion in the ground but couldn’t.’

The schedule of the tournament was only finalised a month before it began, making it hard for English fans to come out to India and support Jos Buttler’s team

In Australia’s clash with Sri Lanka, scaffolding and advertising fell off the stands in Lucknow

Millis also highlighted the general lack of comfort or enjoyment of the experience when attending games – where temperatures have reached as high as 34 degrees celsius as he continued: ‘There wasn’t any bottled water available in Delhi and we didn’t feel we could trust the water they provided because we were unsure where it had come from. That was poor. 

‘At one of the venues we were asked to show our tickets six times after we entered the ground.

‘I’ve been on plenty of England tours and none have been as strict as this. It’s terribly frustrating. 

‘I think they need to get in line with the rest of the world.’

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