Most Exciting Sports Events In 2021-2022

In the past year, all sports fans have been dealt a great deal of disappointment. Most of our favorite competitions/tournaments, shows, and events were delayed or even worse canceled because of the pandemic. Fear not, this very season and the next we can expect all of our favorite games to return full steam. Soccer, The UFC, World Cups, Golf, Tennis, all of that is coming back very soon. In this article, we are going to explore and prepare you for the most thrilling competitive plays.



If you have been following the latest, you know that the last Six Nations championship has just concluded in October last year. And yet, amazingly so, we are getting another one, right now, which is going to last until March 20th. We have just seen England crush all of its opponents. Who is turning out to be the winner this time? Rugby is always unpredictable. Imagine how weird it is to have another annual champ content just three months after the last one. The players must be having a great time, with all of the attention turned to them.

First, England( the winners) is facing Scotland. Then, we will see Wales versus Ireland, in Cardiff. The finally itself is located in Ireland, but we do not know yet who will be the contenders this time.


We have already seen the Australian Open, one of the four major events of the game. Let’s just say that Sofia Kenin was not as skillful as last time. Now-famous Serbian player N.Djokovic decisively defended his title, against the Russian Daniil Medvedev. The players scored 7-6-6, and 5-2-2 respectively. That’s the male singles result.

In the Woman’s single finale, we did not see this coming. American Jennifer Brady vs Japanese star Naomi Osaka, the scores were 4-3 and 6-6 respectively. Amazing play by Osaka, now we are expecting to see a similar performance in the games to come.

Now, let’s talk doubles. Man’s were American Rajeem Ram and British Joe Salisbury versus Djokovic’s compatriot, Serbin Filip Polasek, and Croatian Ivan Dodig. This finale was won by the latter pair, them scoring 6-6 versus the 3-4 by the first duo. Women were both Czech, Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Sinaikova. They matched against German Elise Mertens and Belarus Aryna Sabalenka. This time, the Chech did not prevail, resulting in 6-6 against 2-3 in favor of the Elise and Aryna duo.

The mixed finale was fellow Australians Matthew Abden with Samantha Stosus versus Krejcikova and Ram. The Australians perhaps not feeling the country spirit, and lost in a big way to Ram and Krejcikova. The score was 1-4 against 6-6.

Soccer(aka football)

First of all, let’s just say the obvious. We ALL cannot wait for the 2022 World Cup, which is what all soccer fans want, and this time, we are heading to Qatar. In the link, you can find all of the information about the upcoming tournaments. It’s just one year left since the last World Club Championship was held in 2018 in Russia. We are reminding you, that France won Croatia in the Finale. So cool.

Women’s FA Cup. It’s coming in hot, and soon. Who is going to stop Manchester City on their way to win the third time in a row? Well, if anyone, they have a similar name. Manchester United is the presumed competitor for the title. Is it going to be a good sport? Most definitely.

Champions League Final. Twenty-ninth May, Istanbul. Are you coming? We definitely are. Bayern Munich will be eager to fight off any contenders for the title they won in Lisbon in September last year. Them versus the English? You bet! Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea are all clashing for the championship. Is Chelsea finally getting it? Let’s find out.

 UEFA Euro 2020, is, surprisingly coming in 2021. Well, what we missed out on last year, is finally catching up. Is there a better European tournament? Definitely no. Twenty-four teams facing each other all over Europe, finals are at Wembley’s. We are already excited for England versus Scotland in June, this one is not going to end pretty. All the games in Italy, Georgia, Ireland, and Spain are to be watched as well. This is not a recommendation. It’s a requirement if you are in love with football as much as we are.

We would love to cover all of the amazing performances we are going to see this year and especially the next one. Here is an excellent calendar with all the events included.