David Luiz keen to end his career at Benfica

‘I always said I would like to end my career at Benfica’: David Luiz will NOT see out his playing days at Arsenal as he admits he wants to return to Portugal

  • David Luiz has revealed his desire to end his career with Portuguese side Benfica
  • The Brazilian flourished with the Portuguese club before joining Chelsea in 2011 
  • And the 33-year-old says he would like to return to his former side one day
  • Luiz is soon to enter the final 12 months of his contract with Arsenal  

David Luiz has revealed his intention to end his career at Portuguese giants Benfica, as the Arsenal centre half nears the final 12 months of his contract in north London. 

The enigmatic Brazilian joined The Gunners last summer from Chelsea, but has done little to shore up a leaky defence at the Emirates Stadium. 

The 33-year-old made a name for himself at Benfica, where he played from 2007-2011 before joining the west London club. 

David Luiz has revealed his desire to return to Portuguese side Benfica to end his career 

The 33-year-old made a name for himself with the club before joining Chelsea in 2011

And Luiz has said he would like to return to Portugal to see out his career, in which he has won the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, the FA Cup and EFL Cup. 

‘I always said that I would like to end my career at Benfica,’ he told the Portuguese club’s official website via Goal. 

‘In football everything changes, what is true today, tomorrow is a lie, but my feeling is not! 

‘I love Benfica. My dream is to step on the pitch of Estadio da Luz in their colours.

‘For all that I lived and felt, for what Benfica is in my life and in my history, for everything, Benfica is bigger than any player.’

Mikel Arteta has previously spoken on Luiz’s leadership qualities in Arsenal’s dressing room

Whether or not Luiz returns to his former club remains to be seen, with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta crying out for leaders that have a proven track record to steer his side in the right direction. 

The Spaniard has said that he needs a player like Luiz to be demanding of his young team-mates in the Arsenal dressing room. 

‘That’s what I wanted to demand of him. He is a player that has won more trophies than anybody else in that dressing room,’ Arteta said. 

‘We have to use that in a very powerful way. I am very pleased with him. In the games he has played under me so far he has been terrific.

‘His attitude in training, the way he communicates with his team-mates, his desire to still learn, it’s superb. I am delighted with him.’

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David Silva 'set to sign new short-term deal with Manchester City'

David Silva ‘set to sign new short-term deal with Manchester City in order to have proper send off’ amid MLS links

  • David Silva could sign a short-term deal with Manchester City despite links away
  • Silva has been linked heavily with David Beckham’s new MLS side Inter Miami
  • The Spaniard wants to stay longer to say goodbye and try for Champions League 

Manchester City midfielder David Silva is reportedly set to sign a new short-term deal with the club, with his current contract set to run out next month. 

The Spaniard was set to leave the Etihad this summer after ten years at the club, with links to David Beckham’s new MLS side Inter Miami. 

However, now it appears that Silva wants to extend his currently contract at the club past July in order to have a proper send off with the club and fans, according to ESPN. 

David Silva could sign a short-term deal with Manchester City despite links with transfer

Silva wants to remain at the club a little longer to have a proper send off with fans and club

The club have said that the deal will only be finalised once plans to finish the Premier League season are in full motion. 

Another factor for Silva’s desire to stay a little longer with the Citizens is to try and win the Champions League before he departs – a trophy he has not won in his career. 

The Spanish playmaker joined the club in 2010 from Valencia and has enjoyed plenty of success since his arrival. He has helped them win four Premier League titles, two FA Cups and five League Cups and made over 400 appearances for City.  

The Spaniard has been linked with David Beckham’s new MLS side Inter Miami

After joining in 2010, he has won four Premier League titles, two FA Cups and five League Cups

Premier League chiefs are working frantically to plan to return of the topflight, with mid June seeming the most likely comeback date for now. 

Pep Guardiola’s side remain in the Champions League and FA Cup and also have ten Premier League matches left to play. 

However, if Silva is hoping to say goodbye to the fans it might already be too late, as it appears all Premier League matches will be played behind closed doors for quite a while.  

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Nasser Hussain and David Lloyd answer your teasers

Ask Nasser and Bumble: Luckiest innings you’ve ever seen? One rule you’d change? Nasser Hussain and David Lloyd answer your teasers

  • Nasser had a lucky five or six bats during his career with Essex and England
  • Joe Root plays the game with a smile on his face and is easy on the eye
  • Jos Buttler should be given three or four games when Test cricket starts again 
  • Follow @asknasserbumble on twitter to leave your questions or email [email protected]

How many bats did you use in a year? Was there a lucky one?

Nasser: I had a lucky five or six in my career — it was the one that was getting me runs at the time. But by the end of my career I was an absolute fruit loop with my bats. I would play with the handles and take Gray-Nicolls bats down the road from me to Warsop to get weight taken off them and make adjustments to the handle etc.

Even though I would throw my bat at times when I was out I did try to look after them when I found one I was happy with.

Nasser Hussain had a lucky five or six bats during his career with Essex and England

Bumble: When I started we bought two bats for four pounds, 11 shillings and I’ve still got the bill somewhere. Goodness, you looked after them because you didn’t want to spend another four pounds, 11 shillings — I was only on seven pounds a week.

You knocked them in, put linseed oil on and prayed they would last the season. I’ve still got the bat I scored my double hundred for England with. I got it signed but the flaming signatures have faded.

Should we use a Kookaburra ball to give us more chance to beat the Aussies?

Bumble: I think balls around the world should be made to the same specifications, with the same number of stitches and the same width of seam. I think the Dukes is the better ball. I can’t understand why the Kookaburra goes so soft.

Eoin Morgan may have thought out bowing out after winning the World Cup last year

Nasser: I don’t think everything should be geared towards beating Australia but perhaps the summer before going there you might want groundsmen to prepare flatter pitches. What’s more important is getting the right type of bowlers. You can’t go to Australia with four medium-fast men and a finger spinner. You need extra pace.

Nasser, you bowed out at the top with a test ton. Should Eoin Morgan have retired after the World Cup?

Nasser: There was certainly a case for it and I’m sure it crossed Eoin’s mind because there could never be a better way to go out than that World Cup final.

But the difference in my case is that I was done and dusted. I’d become completely scrambled. Eoin still has so much to give and we can be a bit premature in telling people it’s time to go.

Did you have a ground where you could do no wrong … Or right?

Nasser: I couldn’t do anything right at Old Trafford even though it was invariably a good batting pitch. I have good memories of Edgbaston and Trent Bridge. I love Sydney because I got runs and we won there.

Bumble: I was terrible at Headingley. And Lord’s. I loved Old Trafford but I always seemed to do all right at Hampshire’s old ground in Southampton.

Joe Root plays the game with a smile on his face, has great rhythm and is easy on the eye

Who has been your favourite England player since joining the commentary box?

Bumble: Kevin Pietersen on ability and I love watching Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad. Seeing Jimmy get to where he is coming from Burnley is great and he still pops back to his old club. It’s a source of pride round my way.

Nasser: Joe Root. For the whole package. He’s a great ambassador for his country, plays the game with a smile on his face, has great rhythm to his game and is easy on the eye. With all the pressures of captaincy he always has time for you and is a genuinely nice lad. He promotes the game bloody well.

England’s test keeper: Jos Buttler or Ben Foakes?

Nasser: The fact England stuck with Jos Buttler for Sri Lanka should mean they give him another three or four games when Test cricket starts again. He is so talented and has done it in Test cricket. But he has said himself he needs to get runs pretty quickly when he plays again or there will be a change, whether England go to Ben Foakes or Jonny Bairstow.

Bumble: I read in his interview with our paper that Foakes has had issues enjoying the game and that would be in my mind. Going back, you’d say Jack Russell was probably a better keeper than Alec Stewart but you’d pick Stewart.

Go back further and Alan Knott would play ahead of Bob Taylor. I think the same applies now with Jos. That’s who I’d pick.

Jos Buttler should be given another three or four games when Test cricket starts again

Favourite overseas cities to visit?

Nasser: I love the culture of Mumbai, I really enjoy Cape Town because of the ground and where we stay and, even though it’s not a city, Barbados. Everything about the place and Caribbean cricket is great.

Bumble: Melbourne. I love walking down to Fitzroy because there are some fantastic pubs and restaurants.

Barbados is fantastic and the third one for me is Lahore. I used to really enjoy going down the markets when we went there and to the Badshahi Mosque that can hold 110,000 people.

If you could change one rule in cricket what would it be?

Bumble: How many do you want? I don’t think players should be allowed a drink outside the designated breaks. They get two when it’s hot every session as it is. It just wastes time.

And if a player leaves the field no substitute should be allowed for three overs. It’s all about improving over-rates which are just not good enough.

Carlos Brathwaite produced a brilliant display of batting in the 2016 World T20 final

Nasser: We must do something about over-rates. They struggle to get 90 in a day even with the extra half-hour. Stronger umpiring when things are slowing down has to be the way to do it.

What was the most fortunate innings you played or saw?

Bumble: Whenever I batted the newspapers would always say the same thing: ‘Always ill at ease and never in command.’

I once got a hundred in 100 overs for Lancs against Leicester and Ray Illingworth said it was the worst innings he’d ever seen!

But the one I remember was Mike Atherton making 17 at Southport in 1994 against Somerset and a rapid, wild Dutch bowler called Andre van Troost. Athers took him on until he’d run out of puff and our middle order cashed in.

Nasser: Nathan Astle’s double hundred for New Zealand against us in Christchurch in 2002 was the best innings that didn’t win a match! My hundred earlier in that game on a green drop-in pitch was one of my scratchiest but also gave me almost as much pleasure as the double hundred at Edgbaston because it got us to a competitive score.

Not including cricket, name the sports event you most want to go to after lockdown?

Nasser: I enjoy my occasional trips to Wimbledon but I’ve always wanted to go to the Masters. I love watching golf and I want to know what Augusta is really like.

Bumble: Thirsk races. They are talking about racing behind closed doors and I really hope that comes off. I flipping love my racing.

Ben Stokes to Carlos Brathwaite in the 2016 World T20 final. Terrible over or brilliant batting?

Bumble: Brilliant batting. He was absolutely in the zone and I got the same feeling as when I watched Yuvraj Singh tonk Stuart Broad for six sixes in an over in Durban. Ben tried everything and it didn’t matter. He was just going out the park. It was a great spectacle.

Nasser: A bit of both. Ben would admit he got his yorkers wrong and bowled far too straight but pressure scrambles your brain and all credit to him for coming back so strongly from that. Brathwaite hasn’t done much since then but I remember having a conversation with Ian Bishop just before and he told me to watch out for him. It was great final-over batting.

Follow @asknasserbumble on twitter to leave your questions or email [email protected]

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Former England captain David Gower names the best bowler he faced

Former England captain David Gower has hailed West Indies legend Malcom Marshall as the best bowler he faced.

Gower amassed more than 11,000 runs and 25 centuries for England between 1978 and 1992, establishing himself as one of the country’s greatest and most elegant batsmen.

He made 19 of his 117 Test appearances against the great West Indies side which dominated world cricket throughout the 1980s and possessed the best pace attack in history.

Asked to name the bowler he feared the most, Gower told the Wisden Cricket Weekly podcast: ‘I could probably list about 20 West Indian quicks who in the 1980s would all inspire some sort of anxiety in you.

‘I thought Malcolm Marshall was the best of them. It’s a huge pick to have to make.

‘You’ve got bowlers like my great mate Michael Holding, Andy Roberts, Joel Garner, Colin Croft, Sylvester Clarke.

‘I played with Malcolm at Hampshire at the end of the my career and one of the reasons for going there was to be on the same bloody side as him for once!

‘Even then I had to stand at first slip and try to catch it. But Malcolm I thought in the end was probably the best of them all.

‘It was a huge honour and challenge to play against him.’

Marshall took 376 wickets in 81 Tests for West Indies at an average of less than 21.

West Indies hero Holding also rates his former team-mate as one of the best bowlers in history, telling Sky Sports: ‘Australia’s Dennis Lillee and my old West Indies team-mates Malcolm Marshall and Andy Roberts.

‘Lillee had everything – pace, control aggression. He was extremely quick when he started but had to totally remodel his action after a back injury and find different ways of getting batsmen out after losing a lot of pace.

‘When you see someone can adjust like that you have to rate them highly as a lot of bowlers are nowhere near as effective when they lose pace.

‘Malcolm started with good pace but as time went on he learnt so much about fast bowling. He could assess opposition batsmen so quickly, so easily.

‘In those days you didn’t have lots of tapes or computers, it was all in his head. He understood how to deal with batsmen.

‘Andy was someone I learnt so much from. He hardly ever talked, used to walk around the field with a surly face and people thought he looked aggressive and must be some miserable guy. But that was not Andy.

‘He was my room-mate for most of my career and we used to talk cricket nearly every night.

‘A lot of the time, we’d order food, stay in our room and talk cricket. You would never believe how much this guy knows.’

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