Mike Tyson reveals he visits pals – including 'killers' – in prison

‘I still go and visit them… they’re my oldest friends’: Mike Tyson reveals he sees pals – including ‘killers’ – he made during time in prison

  • Mike Tyson revealed he still visits his friends who are serving life sentences 
  • Tyson has spent several years behind bars since he was a child and made friends
  • Tyson explained that he focused on boxing to escape the prison time
  • He was jailed back in 1991 for the rape of beauty queen Desiree Washington

Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson has a tainted past with the law having served several years behind bars, and revealed he still visits his friends in prison.

‘Iron Mike’ revealed that he still keeps in touch with his ‘oldest friends’ behind bars, many of who are ‘killers’ are serving life sentences, after he bonded with fellow prisoners during his time in detention centres in New York. Tyson has a checkered past and was arrested 38 times before he was 13.

Speaking on his podcast Hotboxin, the 53-year-old revealed the moment he began to focus on boxing when he met Cus D’Amato, who introduced him to the sport, at the Bridges Juvenile Center in the Bronx, Brooklyn.

Mike Tyson revealed he still visits his ‘oldest friends’ who are serving life sentences in prison

Tyson has a long history of arrests and spent several years behind bars where he made friends

‘After I was locked up, I started boxing. And I said I wasn’t going to do that anymore,’ he explained. 

‘But I would still see my friends that I robbed with and they would still be at the club.

‘I was still hanging out with them, watching them do that s***.

‘I was never into it – I was doing a career and they thought ‘what the f*** is he doing hanging out with them’. 

‘We went in two different directions. They became killers and I became a boxer.

‘I’m happy I’m not in prison with them but I still go and visit them. They’ve got four or five life sentences, 90 years.

In the 1990s, Tyson served three years of a six year sentence for the rape of a beauty queen

‘They’ve been the oldest friends I’ve ever had in my life, my longest friends.’

Two years after his shock loss to James Buster Douglas inside the ring, Tyson was sentenced to six years in 1991 for the rape of beauty queen Desiree Washington.

The heavyweight boxer served three years of his sentence before returning to boxing, however, he spiralled into even more chaos after his boxing license was revoked for biting the ear off of Evander Holyfield in their 1997 rematch. 

He returned to jail in 1999 for the assault of two men. 

Tyson is now rumoured to be making a comeback to the boxing ring to face former rival Evander Holyfield, 23 years after biting off a chunk of his ear. 

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Sean Dyche says he and his Burnley players are raring to go

‘Fitness? I’m not bothered. Let’s just crack on…we’re all in the same boat’: Sean Dyche admits football’s return isn’t ideal but he says he and his Burnley players are raring to go

  • Sean Dyche says he isn’t bothered about player fitness when football returns 
  • The Burnley boss said every club is in the same boat in terms of time frames 
  • Dyche claimed individuals must decide whether it’s right for them to return

In these strange and complicated times, some things remain simple. It was, for example, after the very briefest of meetings that the players of Burnley Football Club decided to come back to work.

Burnley manager Sean Dyche told Sportsmail: ‘We had a video conference call a couple of weeks ago and I just asked them what they were feeling. They said they were ready. All of them. I didn’t tell them my view. I just said, “What are your thoughts lads?”

‘A couple asked simple questions — simple enough for me to answer — and I said we would catch up in 24 hours and that anyone could talk to me or the doctor away from the group in the meantime.

Burnley manager Sean Dyche asked his players how they felt about returning to training

‘But they just said, “No, we are all fine”. So that was it. We are ready to play.’

As the Premier League edges towards a resumption, the voices of the dissenters have been shrill. 

Watford manager Nigel Pearson talked last week about the possibility of fatalities and suggested football was ‘closing its eyes to the threat’ of Covid-19. Newcastle’s Danny Rose has suggested footballers are being treated like ‘lab rats’.

Dyche’s view is a little more understated. He has read and digested the scientific advice from the Government and the Premier League and has chosen to trust it. More importantly, he has been guided by his players.

Dyche said his players were fine to return and were ready to get back to playing football

‘I feel for the people out there who don’t lead the life I lead,’ he said. ‘Those who are in apartments and don’t have a garden. That must be a challenge.

‘I am not going to start crying about my challenge or a young footballer’s circumstances. You try to respect each player’s opinion.

‘All I can imagine is that if a player has decided returning is not for him then I presume he is sitting in the house every day, not going out. Because if they are not just staying in then the obvious question would be, “If you feel OK (safe) to go out then why are you not training?”

‘That is the balance for clubs. Some players will have very valid personal reasons for not playing and some will be questioned. That’s for each club to decide. That hasn’t happened at our club.

‘If our players are clear-minded then we get on with it and if they are not, I would expect them to come and see me and I would try to work a way through it. There is no right or wrong on this. It’s for each individual to decide what is best for him.’

The manager said he presumes players not wanting to return won’t be leaving their homes

Burnley’s players have been back in since Tuesday, working in ‘pods’ of five with a coach assigned to each. Under current guidelines, there is to be no mixing of groups so Dyche himself, for example, can only observe one pod.

News that his assistant and friend of 30 years Ian Woan was diagnosed with the virus in midweek was unexpected.

‘Yeah, that’s strange as he has absolutely no symptoms,’ Dyche said. ‘We have temperature and wellness checks at the gate here every day before you get in and there was no issue.

‘But then we got the results of our tests. So he has been frustrated and now we are without him for at least seven days. But the main thing is that he’s OK.’

One manager in the Championship said privately this week that one of the daily challenges is to stop players hugging and shaking hands. It is part of the modern player’s daily ritual.

Dyche laughed: ‘Well, maybe we are not quite as tactile at Burnley but we have reminded them about their distancing and our structured sessions play to that.

Dyche’s assistant Ian Woan tested positive for the virus this week despite having no symptoms

‘Ironically we are keeping them apart at a time when the general message from the Government may soon be that small groups can mix. The greater challenge is that we can’t debrief or plan as we are with our own pods.

‘That’s a bit weird. When you can’t interact it’s a nuisance but we will get on with it. The players understand. It’s not as though this has been hidden. It’s been all over the news and if you don’t get it there must be something wrong.’

With the Premier League working towards restarting in mid-June, managers such as Newcastle’s Steve Bruce have suggested it might be too early in terms of fitness. Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling has agreed. Dyche said: ‘I am not bothered. We will get on with it. We are professional athletes and if that’s the challenge then that’s the challenge. I am not going to change the Premier League’s mind on the dates am I?

‘These are exceptional times. There are people far worse off out there in other businesses than we are in football. If we are not as good or fit as we would normally be then at least everybody is in the same boat.’

They say that players, even in the modern age, don’t miss a word their manager says in public. With that in mind, Dyche’s message is clear and during the break in the season Burnley have also shown the way forward.

The club’s commitment to their foodbank scheme has been ramped up and Burnley — one of the Premier League’s smallest outfits — have not furloughed staff.

‘We get criticised for not spending (on players),’ said Dyche. ‘Sometimes it’s valid and sometimes not. I have said myself we have to stretch the thinking of the club financially.

‘But the balance to that is that when a challenge like this comes, there are no financial problems. Everything is paid for and we can have a very good impact on the community and town.

‘The players back that up as well. Other clubs do it too but we are such a big part of a town of 78,000 people. We are a club that tries to help our people out.’

The 48-year-old said he was not bothered about player fitness after months without matches

Sadly, Burnley’s fans will not be able to repay the favour for a while given that football will return behind closed doors. Dyche does not underplay the significance of that.

‘You can’t deny that the crowd is part of the theatre of football and that players feed off it,’ he said. ‘It’s like a pre-season or reserve-game feel. But the players aren’t daft. They know that most games will be on TV. They will want to perform.’

Perhaps a little romantically, Dyche hopes football stadiums will be better places when the turnstiles are opened again.

‘Sometimes you go in stadiums and it’s on the edge of being really nasty and I hope now that when people go back in they will realise they are going there for a good reason,’ he said. ‘I hope people think, “I’d forgotten how much I missed football so now it’s back I can go with a more relaxed feeling and be happy to be back”.

‘I want fans to get involved as that brings the fervour and drama to the stadium but maybe this will take the edge off. I will be getting my share of stick again and I have my own gripes about football. But when it goes away I miss it. I have missed it during this period that’s for sure.’

Dyche has spent lockdown at home in the Midlands with his wife and two teenage sons. ‘I have spent a lot of quality time and I have enjoyed that,’ he said. ‘Bike rides, chatting.

The club have not furloughed staff and have kept up their commitment to its foodbank scheme

‘The boys are forming opinions about what is going on and I like that. I am on the road a lot so it’s been good to stop moving for once and spend that time.

‘I did about 10 days of jet- washing. A simple task to concentrate on, just to keep your mind off everything. But after eight weeks of virtual retirement, I am definitely not ready for that!’

Dyche is in his eighth season at Turf Moor and a run of four wins and three draws prior to the interruption has Burnley well-placed to attempt another top-half finish.

They are 10th, a point behind Arsenal and two behind Tottenham. Annual progress presents familiar challenges, though, and the 48-year-old doesn’t hide from that.

‘The idea of stepping forward at Burnley is difficult,’ he explained. ‘The finances are highly unlikely to change radically whatever happens this season. We develop players well but at some stage you do have to support those players with others you bring in. So it’s always a challenge.

The coach said he has enjoyed being able to spend extra time with his family during the break

‘We are not in a position to guarantee what happens next season or beyond because it’s just not like that. Every season is a big season for us. It’s small steps at Burnley, never big strides.’

As Dyche spoke, he was preparing to return to the flat in Lancashire he uses during the working week. It’s been a while. ‘I’ve been watching The Last Dance (about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls) on Netflix and will watch the final episode in my flat tonight,’ he said. ‘I am back in for the first time for eight weeks so I am on cleaning duty later.

‘The flash world of Premier League management, eh? Football is back and I am cleaning my flat. It will take some doing, trust me.

‘We don’t live in a grandiose world here. There is no cleaner. I don’t even have a PA so I am not worried about cleaning a flat. I think I am capable, let’s put it that way.’

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Jurgen Klopp admits he is loving the return of Bundesliga

‘In this part I’m a strange person’: Jurgen Klopp admits he is loving the return of Bundesliga and reveals he wasn’t put off by the lack of fans because he likes to watch football without the sound on

  • The Bundesliga season resumed at the weekend after two months away
  • Jurgen Klopp says he wasn’t put off by the lack of fans in the stands
  • He insists it is ‘completely normal’ for him to watch games without sound on 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Jurgen Klopp admits he loved seeing football back in his homeland last weekend despite all games being played behind closed doors.

Germany’s Bundesliga became the first major European league to resume its season after the coronavirus brought the game to a standstill over two months ago.

For the Liverpool boss it was a relief to have the sport he loves back on his screen – and he revealed he is already no stranger to football without fans because he likes to watch without the sound on anyway. 

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admitted he is loving the return of the Bundesliga in Germany

‘Look, I love it,’ he told Liverpool’s official website. 

‘In this part I’m a strange person; when I watch football – other games, not our games – I watch them most of the time without sound because I don’t want to hear the commentary, I’m just interested in the game.

‘So now for me it’s completely normal to watch other football games. I love the game, I’m interested in what they do and stuff like this.

Much of the fallout around the Bundesliga’s return centred around the absence of supporters, with many Ultra groups protesting against its resumption behind closed doors.

Erling Haaland kickstarted the return of football with Borussia Dortmund’s opening goal 

But Klopp sees little point in debating it with fans facing potentially a year before they can attend games again.

‘I know, football behind closed doors, of course it’s not the same. Why do we have to mention it?’, he continued.

‘We all love it when we have contact, when we get cheered up by the people, when they push us through the yards and all that stuff. We love that but we cannot have it.

‘Why would you think always about something you cannot have in the moment? Use the thing you have in the moment.

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Paulo Dybala admits he would love to reunite with Paul Pobga

‘I had the chance to share great things with him and hopefully I can repeat that someday’: Paulo Dybala admits he would love to reunite with Paul Pobga after successful spell at Juventus

  • Juventus star Paulo Dybala says he wants to play with Paul Pogba again one day 
  • The pair won the double together at Juventus during the 2015-16 season 
  • Pogba and Dybala swapped shirts when Manchester United played Juventus

Juventus star Paulo Dybala has revealed that he would love to be team-mates with Paul Pogba again one day.

The pair played together at Juventus in the 2015-16 season, winning the Serie A title and the Coppa Italia before Pogba returned to Manchester United in 2016. 

Dybala was discussing his favourite shirts that he has collected during his career, with one such item being the shirt Pogba gave him when Juventus beat United 1-0 at Old Trafford in the Champions League in 2018.

Paulo Dybala would like to play with his ex-Juventus team-mate Paul Pogba again one day

Dybala told UEFA’s official website: “I couldn’t overlook a shirt like this, of course.

“It’s from Manchester, from my friend Paul, whom I admire as a person even more than as a football player.

“I had the chance to share great things with him and hopefully I can repeat that someday.”

Pogba and Dybala swapped shirts after Manchester United took on Juventus in October 2018

Pogba and Dybala worked well together during their time at Juventus and it will be intriguing to see whether they will be on the same side again in the future.

There has been much speculation regarding whether Pogba will stay at United, and a return to Juventus has been mooted as a possibility..

The 27-year-old has shown glimpses of brilliance since returning to United but has struggled to perform consistently and this season has been hampered by injuries.

Dybala, meanwhile, has scored 13 goals and provided 12 assists in 34 appearances for Juventus this season.

The Argentina international has won the Serie A title in each season he has been at Juventus so far, and his side are currently one point clear at the top of the table.  

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Muhammad Ali feared he couldn't have beaten Mike Tyson, claims Foreman

‘He felt Tyson hit harder than anyone he’d ever faced’: Muhammad Ali feared he wouldn’t be able to beat Mike Tyson if they had fought – and admitted it, claims George Foreman

  • Muhammad Ali rated Mike Tyson as one of the hardest-hitting heavyweights ever
  • George Foreman claimed Ali told him he didn’t feel like he could’ve beaten Tyson
  • Tyson bean his boxing career four years after Ali had closed the curtain on his
  • Ali’s regarded best heavyweight of all time while Tyson one of the hardest hitters

Muhammad Ali admitted he wouldn’t have been confident of beating Mike Tyson if the two heavyweights had ever faced off and felt that he was one of the most ferocious punchers he’d ever seen.

Former heavyweight world champion George Foreman has revealed what Ali said when he spoke with him about Tyson during the peak of his career.

Ali is widely regarded as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time while Tyson is revered by many after capturing the imagination of millions during his rise to prominence in the late 1980s.

Muhammad Ali felt Mike Tyson hit harder than any heavyweight he had ever faced in his career

Ali is regarded the best heavyweight of all time but feared he wouldn’t have beaten Tyson

Tyson became the youngest heavyweight world champion ever when he knocked out Trevor Berbick and earned the nickname of ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ due to his one-punch knockout power.

Foreman, who recently claimed Tyson could still mix it with today’s top heavyweights ahead of his potential comeback at 53, enjoyed a stellar career and lost to Ali in one of the most historic fights ever in 1974.

The 71-year-old has now given some insight into what Ali thought of Tyson – who had grown up idealising ‘The Greatest’.  

According to The Daily Star, Foreman told Fiaz Rafiq for his new book on Ali that he wasn’t sure he could have beaten Tyson. 

George Foreman claimed Ali told him he didn’t have confidence that he could’ve beat Tyson

Tyson knocked out everything in his path and became undisputed champion in the late 1980s

Foreman said: ‘Muhammad Ali told me himself. I said to him, ‘Do you think Tyson could beat anybody?’

‘He said, “Man, Tyson hits so hard.”

‘He felt Tyson hit harder than anyone he’d faced. He told me once that he didn’t have the confidence he could have beaten Mike Tyson.’

The late Ali retired after his final fight in 1981 – four years before Tyson embarked on his journey – and bowed out with a record of 56 victories and just five defeats.

Tyson was able to emulate Ali during his rollercoaster career, becoming a two-time and undisputed heavyweight champion before hanging up his gloves in 2005.

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John Terry reveals what he texted team-mates after Chelsea hired Jose Mourinho

Former Chelsea captain John Terry admits he was ‘petrified’ when the Blues appointed Jose Mourinho in 2004.

The Portuguese boss arrived at Stamford Bridge on the back of making Porto Champions League winners, just 12 months after he guided the club to UEFA Cup success against Celtic in Seville.

With Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger dominating the Premier League, Mourinho cut a fresh-looking figure and he announced himself to the British press by proclaiming that he was the ‘Special One’ in his first press conference as Chelsea boss.

Mourinho was already renowned for his cutting edge training sessions and he made a mark for himself in England with fast starts in the Premier League.

Much of that was down to the brutal pre-seasons that Mourinho designed for his squad and Terry has revealed he was dreading the Portuguese’s arrival because he knew how tough it would be.

Asked what his thoughts were when Chelsea appointed Mourinho, Terry told BeIN Sports: ‘Nerve-racking and I was petrified. We’d all seen the ‘Special One’ interview. He’d just won the Champions League with Porto.

‘As a group of players we were texting each other saying ‘oh no, this’ll be tough this’ but from day one he blew us away with his sessions.

‘Like all of us you go in [to training with a new manager] and say ‘Okay, lets see what the manager’s got’ because it’s down to them to impress the players and he certainly did that from day one.

‘He did that on a personal basis, on the training field and he was special that’s for sure.’

Terry won the Premier League twice with Mourinho in his first three years at the club and won it for a fourth time under the Portuguese when he returned in 2013.

The former England captain is now assistant manager at Aston Villa and has admitted it’s his dream to manage the Blues.

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Mike Tyson breaks down how he'd attack Tyson Fury in a fight

‘I’d be aggressive’: Mike Tyson breaks down how he’d ‘attack’ Tyson Fury if the pair could fight at the peak of their powers while Brit insists: ‘I’d beat any man born from their mother… I’m the greatest from any generation’

  • Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury have discussed how a fight would go between them
  • Former world champion Tyson is viewed as one of the best heavyweights ever
  • Fury is the current No 1 and insisted he’d beat any fighter from any generation 

Mike Tyson has explained how he’d approach a dream fight against Tyson Fury if the pair came head to head at the peak of their powers.

Tyson was a fearsome destroyer in his early days and captured the imagination of millions around the world during his rollercoaster career before bowing out in 2005.

He remains the youngest man to ever become a heavyweight champion to this day and is still revered as one of the most explosive punchers to ever lace up a pair of gloves.

Mike Tyson’s explained how he’d ‘attack’ Tyson Fury if they fought at the peak of their powers

Fury is current No 1 and spoke together with Tyson how a fight between them would pan out

Tyson Fury, meanwhile, is writing his own legacy after becoming a two-time world champion earlier this year by demolishing Deontay Wilder.

But what would happen if the two giants of the sport were to collide? Tyson explained how he’d aggressively attack Fury as the pair discussed how a super-fight between them would pan out.

Speaking to Ring Magazine, Tyson said: ‘Against someone of Tyson Fury’s size, you’ve got to be aggressive, move your head and be elusive because if you stand still against a man that size, you’re an easy target.

Tyson is revered as one of the hardest hitting heavyweights ever to lace up a pair of gloves



Fights: 56

Wins: 50

KOs: 44

Defeats: 6

Draws: 0

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 5′ 10″ / 178cm

Reach: 71″ / 180cm


Fights: 31

Wins: 30

KOs: 21

Defeats: 0

Draws: 1

Stance Orthodox/ Switch Hitter

Height: 6′ 9″ / 206cm

Reach: 85″ / 216cm

‘You need to attack, use angles and stay away from his punching distance. You need to be close, but you can’t stay at a distance that allows the bigger fighter to get off.’ 

Tyson was trained to harness the power of his mind by Cus D’Amato and gave an insight into how he would have handled going up against someone like Fury, who is over a foot taller than him.

He added: ‘A lot of people don’t understand that size and style isn’t the most important thing in the ring; it’s the morale of a fighter that leads to victory,’ he adds. ‘His determination, his will to win, his desire is what makes him a champion.

‘But at my best, I thought I was the greatest fighter from Achilles, through the Art of War, since the beginning of God, since the beginning of time – I was invincible.

Fury insisted he doesn’t think any fighter from any generation would be able to beat him

‘And if there are other fighters out there that don’t think that way, then they have a problem.’

When Fury was asked how a blockbuster showdown between the pair would go down, he said: ‘I don’t like to pit myself against boxing heroes in a virtual reality fight, because I find it disrespectful.

‘But my answer is that I’ll beat any man born from his mother. I just wouldn’t say that directly about any of the heroes from the past. But, deep down, I don’t believe that any fighter from the past can beat me.

‘I think I’m the greatest fighter that’s ever lived – from any generation.’  

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Jack Wilshere reveals he initially didn't want to join the Gunners

‘F*** it, I’m going to Arsenal!’: Jack Wilshere says he initially didn’t want to join the Gunners, and that his dad had to finish work early to take him to training three times a week

  • Jack Wilshere was reluctant to join Arsenal when he was offered the chance
  • He was just nine years old, and made the decision while in the park with a friend
  • His dad had to finish work early to take him to training sessions an hour away 

Jack Wilshere spent 17 years at Arsenal, but the midfielder has revealed he was reluctant to join the club when he was offered a spot at just nine-years-old. 

He was playing in the park with his friend when he made the snap decision to go for it, and the rest, as he says, is history.  

Speaking on the Lockdown Tactics podcast, Wilshere said: ‘I was playing for Luton and we were playing against Barnet and the ref was actually scouting for Arsenal.

Jack Wilshere has revealed he didn’t initially want to join Arsenal when he was given the option

He was playing in the park with his friend at nine years old when he finally made the decision

‘He came up to my dad afterwards and told him he wanted me to come along. He didn’t even say it was a trial. He just wanted to sign me for Arsenal.’ 

‘It was strange because there must have been some sort of transfer window where that sort of thing could happen but, I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t want to go.’

Wilshere revealed that his dad would have to finish work early in order to have enough time to take him to training sessions. 

‘My dad didn’t put any pressure on me but at the time. I didn’t know what to do. I remember it so clearly, I was nine and I was in the park with my mate. 

‘My dad pulled up in his little red van and said: ‘This is your last day you’ve got to make a decision’.

Wilshere then went on to make 198 appearances for the Gunners before joining West Ham

‘I said to my mate: “F*** it. I’m going to Arsenal”, and the rest is history. Fair play to my dad because we didn’t have much as a kid, he was a plumber.

‘He used to finish work at 4pm, then we’d be out the door and it would take an hour to get to London from where I lived and that was like three times a week from when I was 10.’ 

Wilshere spent seven years in the Arsenal youth system, and then went on to make 198 appearances for the first team, scoring 14 goals and providing 30 assists.

He had a couple of loan spells at Bolton Wanderers and Bournemouth, and then moved to West Ham in 2018, but has only made 16 appearances. 

He has been out of action with a pelvic injury since October, but will be fit to return once football resumes.  

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Gary Lineker recalls moment he pooed himself at Italia 90

‘I fell to the ground, relaxed for a second and it just went BOOM’: Gary Lineker recalls THAT infamous moment he soiled himself on the pitch in England’s opening game at Italia 90

  • Gary Lineker was ill on the day of England’s opening game during Italia 90
  • He didn’t tell Bobby Robson so that could play against Republic of Ireland 
  • Lineker scored for England but later in the match pooed himself on the pitch

Gary Lineker has come clean after recalling how he pooed himself on the pitch during England’s opener at the World Cup in 1990.

The striker was ill on the morning of England’s Italia 90 opener against the Republic of Ireland, but decided not to tell legendary manager Sir Bobby Robson to ensure that he wasn’t dropped from the team.

Lineker suffered from cramps during the game and tried to hold on, but he lost control when he tried to stretch for the ball.

Gary Lineker has recalled the moment he pooed on the pitch during the Italia 90 World Cup

The moment happened when Lineker stretched for the ball and he was not long after taken off


Speaking on a Match of the Day podcast, the host recalled: ‘I’d been ill overnight and it was the opening day of the cup and I’d woken up a few times with diarrhoea, etc.

‘I didn’t want to tell Bobby Robson because I thought he might leave me out of the team, and I wanted to play, as always.

‘Anyway the game started and I was alright, then about 20 minutes I started cramping. Somehow I made it through to half-time and I thought I’d be alright.

‘We go out the for the second half, we’re ten or 15 minutes in and I’m starting to cramp again and I think, ‘Oh, I’m in trouble here’.

‘The ball went left down the Irish left hand side and I ran across and tried to block something. I sort of fell to the ground and relaxed for a second and it just went ‘boom’.

‘It was like, ‘Oh my god,’ but it was everywhere. There’s a bit if you ever see the footage, where Gary Stevens comes over and asks what’s wrong.

Lineker scored four goals for England who were knocked out in the semi-finals at Italia 90

‘And I go, ‘I’ve s*** myself’. I just didn’t know what to do. Thank god I had dark blue shorts on that day. I’m shovelling it out and rubbing myself on the grass like a dog. 

‘It was amazing how much space I found after that though, I was stinking.

‘In the end Bobby had to take me off, and I think Steve Bull replaced me and I went to the bench. 

‘Every ground pretty much had the dugouts right next to the tunnel, but on this ground, no, the two dugouts were the opposite side to the tunnel so I had to go and sit on the bench with all of the subs. 

Lineker recalled the moment against Republic of Ireland during a Match of the Day podcast

‘You could see everyone shuffling away from me whilst I sat on my own, feeling sorry for myself.’

England hero Lineker had a great World Cup, scoring four goals, including one against Ireland, to help the team reach the semi-finals of the tournament.

However their dreams were cut short, as they fell on penalties to eventual winners West Germany.

But for Lineker, his stinker against Ireland is almost as well remembered as his performances and the goals he scored. 

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Tyson Fury claims he drank FOSTERS in between rounds in training

Tyson Fury suggests he used to drink a can of FOSTERS in between rounds in training as the heavyweight world champion reveals he’s seen people consume ‘weird stuff’

  • Tyson Fury said he has seen some fighters drink ‘weird stuff’ during sparring 
  • He even hinted he had once drank a can of fosters in between rounds in training
  • The heavyweight champion has been posting fitness videos during lockdown 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Tyson Fury has suggested that he previously drank a can of Fosters in between rounds in sparring.

The Gypsy King is on top of the world after dominating Deontay Wilder in February and taking his WBC belt, but now the coronavirus has shelved sport for time being, Fury is using the time to post fitness videos on social media with his wife Paris.

And in one recent post he urged those working out with him to stay hydrated and use ‘whatever you’ve got’.

Tyson Fury has suggested he has previously drank Fosters beer in between rounds in training

The heavyweight has been keeping himself busy during lockdown by posting fitness videos

He added that he had seen some fighters drink coke, and milkshakes when training before hinting that he once had beer in his own camps.

‘Take some fluids on board, take some water, whatever you’ve got,’ Fury said.

‘Yeah, why I say, “whatever you’ve got” is because after being around boxing my whole life I’ve seen people drinking some weird stuff during training. 

‘Example, full fat coke. Example, Red Bull, milkshake.

Fury admitted he had seen other fighters drink ‘weird stuff’ while in their training camps

‘I’ve even seen someone drinking a can of Foster’s in between rounds. Mention no names – Tyson Fury. Ah, the good old days, eh?’ 

Fury completed an incredible turnaround in February as he became world champion in Las Vegas against the previously unbeaten Wilder, despite spending two years out of the ring with mental health problems. 

After beating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 he lost his boxing licence amid claims he took cocaine. He gained weight and suffered depression but is now the name on everyone’s lips following his remarkable comeback. 

Fury is on a high after he became WBC champion of the world by beating Deontay Wilder 

The Gypsy King said doing frequent fitness videos is helping to keep his mental health in check

And the 31-year-old admitted on Monday that without the workouts his ‘mental health would be terrible’ and he would be ‘going around the bend’.

Fury next faces a third fight with Deontay Wilder, which was scheduled for July before the outbreak and should now take place towards the end of the year. 

The winner of that fight is likely to take on Anthony Joshua – should he come through his bout with Kubrat Pulev, which has also been delayed due to the pandemic.

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