Rafael Nadal teased by Andy Murray over Roger Federer blunder

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer shared a brilliant conversation on Instagram Live on Monday evening but the chat did not start according to plan and Andy Murray was one of the first to mock the Spaniard.

Nadal, 33, struggled to get his head around the technology as he attempted to invite his arch-rival to join him on the video call.

Staring blank into the selfie-camera and with 40,000 fans tuned in, the world No 2 struggled to get to grips with the app.

Supporters found the incident hilarious and two-time Grand Slam winner Murray also chipped in.

“This is brilliant… he can win 52 French Opens but not work Instagram,” Murray wrote in the comments.

Nadal is isolating with his wife in his Mallorca home and when the breakthrough came he chuckled “finally!”

Federer’s face appeared at the bottom of the video and he was in fine form from the off.

“I’ve got plenty of time, there is no stress, no rush, if there is a positive that’s it,” the Swiss star quipped.

The pair went on to have a lengthy discussion about how they are faring in lockdown.

When Federer exited the chat Nadal asked Murray to join him – but that brought about its own problems.


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The 19-time Grand Slam winner found it difficult to invite his friend to the call, just as he had Federer.

“I think Andy’s hiding, where are you man?” the Spaniard quizzed.

Murray asked those watching to help out by writing instructions in the comments – and like magic they were connected.

“It was very amusing watching you,” Murray said.

The two tennis greats are set to compete at the virtual Madrid Open this weekend.

Murray is not on the Tennis World Tour video game which will be used but he has been practicing by using Nadal – although that brought with it another cheeky dig.

“I played last night and I played as you,” Murray said. “I played as you against Roger, on clay obviously.

“We, I mean me and you, we were playing unbelievable but after a set your character was unbelievably tired.

“I thought I had never seen you getting tired after one set before.”

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