Star ‘faints’ over insane abs reveal

Venus Williams was all shook up during an Instagram live session with tennis weapon Grigor Dimitrov after he unleashed his insane six-pack in the middle of their video.

The 28-year-old’s abs reveal brought their shared workout session to a grinding halt after Williams pretended to faint at the sight of the chiselled abdominal wall.

The 39-year-old former World No. 1 did nothing to hide her giddiness at the sight of Dimitrov’s impressive coronavirus lockdown look.

The tennis world has been rocked by the global coronavirus restrictions which has brought the sport to a standstill without any sign of action returning any time soon.

The 2020 Wimbledon championships have already been cancelled and there have been no assurances the sport will return before the end of the year.

Grigor Dimitrov with Aussie surf champion Stephanie Gilmore.Source:Instagram

The Bulgarian and Williams have been active in recent weeks, despite the pair — based in the United States — both observing the strict isolation laws in their respective states.

Dimitrov, based in Los Angeles, and Williams, reportedly based in Florida, showed off all their new workout tricks during the Instagram live stream.

But it was when Williams asked Dimitrov to show off the physique hiding under his black T-shirt that things went pear-shaped.

“Can you show us the sample, and the kind of result we would expect,” Venus cheekily asked about Dimitrov’s granite core.

Grigor Dimitrov unleashed his iron abs on Venus Williams.Source:Instagram

“You know what I’m asking. It’s OK if you don’t want to do it. We’ll do it next time.”

Dimitrov responded with a playful smile, pretending he didn’t want to show off the results of his hard work in the gym.

“I’m not in shape right now,” he said with a grin before lifting up his shirt to show off his washboard abs.

Williams pretended to faint after catching sight of Dimitrov’s abdominal candy.

Did Grigor just flash his six-pack at Venus I-

Dimitrov earlier told Williams his training has switched to a lot more running since the ATP and WTA Tours shut down every international tournament for the foreseeable future.

“I’ve been doing a lot of runs lately, to be honest, every time we go out,” he said.

“Doing a lot of shoulder prevention exercises. Working on little specific drills that I like to keep my feet activated. Just small details that we often neglect, especially when we’re competing throughout all the weeks.

“Now is the time that you can really emphasise on those things. We have a few exercises to show the fans. I’m sure we’re going to do something nice.”

Many supporters would argue his six-pack exhibition was more than nice.

The World No. 19 is on the comeback trail in 2020 after sliding outside the top 10 in 2019.

A constant professional, Dimitrov has been working with a nutritionist for more than six years after briefly trying a gluten-free diet.

He also claims to have never used alcohol as part of his philosophy to keep his mind and body in peak shape.

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